Engler ADS 2000

The Positive-Pressure Veterinary Ventilator

The ADS 2000 represents an advanced method of anesthesia delivery while enhancing the safety of the procedure. The instrument improves the means of delivery to the veterinary patient while providing assurance of the patient's respiration and oxidation.

The ADS 2000 is a "stand-alone" ventilator as well as an anesthesia delivery system. It is easily attached to the intubated patient via the hoses provided. The instrument operates in either the "normal" mode or "lab" mode. The normal mode is used for patients from 1 to 68 kilograms while the lab mode is used for patients from 100 grams up to 1 kilogram. The lab mode is ideal for exotic and "pocket" pets.

The ADS 2000 is a pre-programmed microprocessor with the breathing parameters established as algorithms, based upon the patients' weight. These pre-set algorithms are fully programmable so that the changes can be made according to the needs of the patient. The system provides continuous digital displays of the breathing parameters.

Positive-Pressure ventilation provides a complete and consistent breath based upon the pre-set parameters thereby achieving a linear depth of anesthesia. This also enables a lower vaporizer setting.

The system contains an internal battery backup for continuous use in the event of a power outage as well as for remote operation.