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Ultrafill System

Eliminate the costs of transportation, storage and cylinder rental of oxygen tanks. The best solution for your veterinary practice, while providing considerable savings to your bottom line, is the new ULTRAFILL by Phillips Respironics. With this system you can generate medical grade oxygen compressed to 3,000 psi (650 liters) every 4 hours. Whether you have 1 or more anesthesia systems as well as icu/oxygen systems, the Phillips system can deliver. Eliminate the risk of running out of oxygen. Call us for a demonstration in your hospital or clinic. Click here for further details.

Vet Bid

STOP overpaying for capital equipment. Tell us (confidentially) of your equipment needs and we will send it out to bid to every source – dealers, distributors and original manufacturers. “Stop leaving money on the table”! We have the contacts and will get you the best offer for a fee of only 1% of sale price. Preregistration required. (We will never share your information with anyone except the party from whom you accept the bid) Click here for further details.

Engler ADS 2000

The ENGLER ADS 2000 veterinary ventilator provides a means of delivering anesthesia with greater safety and confidence. The positive pressure ventilation is preprogrammed to provide the flow rate, peak inspiratory pressure and breaths per minute based upon the patients weight. The operator has control over these parameters and can change these values accordingly. Should the patient initiate a breath, the system will recycle accordingly. The battery backup can provide power in the event of a power outage. The system is a stand alone ventilator as well as an anesthesia delivery system. Click here for further details.


As capital equipment leasing can be very competitive, we can bundle your equipment needs, provide for your investment tax credits, arrange for the most favorable rates and pass the operational savings to you. Click here for further details.