List of products by brand A.M. Bickford

Since 1974, A.M. Bickford has offered high quality veterinary anesthesia equipment, supplies, and Riken Keiki products. Small family owned business from Wales Center, New York

61010 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
For use on small animals in a non-breathing application. Flowmeter 0-5 L/M. back bar for a vaporizer. Mounting post for auxiliary apparatus and a D.I.S.S. male connection for a regulated oxygen supply, mounted on a 10” x 13” aluminum plate.
61020 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
61020 Table Top with Bain Block is a non-rebreathing anesthetic machine for small animals and laboratory use.  Equipped with a new Vapomatic™ Vaporizer it is a light weight and mobile solution. 5 Year Warranty.
61110 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
The Bickford Model 61110 Table Top is designed to give the veterinarian all the features  of a stand model but in a compact and light weight design. Weighing only 13lbs the 61110 is Bickford's most mobile and versatile anesthesia machine.