HTP-1500 Soft-Temp Heating Pads (Heavy-Duty)
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HTP-1500 Soft-Temp Heating Pads (Heavy-Duty)

Soft-Temp reusable pads are the perfect solution for veterinary warming. They are heavy-duty and can be patched if needed. Available in four sizes, the pads fit table-tops, surgery tables and in kennel cages. Soft-Temp work best with Adroit’s HTP-1500 pump, but adapters are available should you have a different pump. Pads may be direct contact with the patient or covered with pillow cases or light-weight fabric for added protection against damage.

Small (20"×16"): $18.95
Medium (20"×29"): $28.95
Large (20"×44"): $36.75
Extra Large (20"×57"): $43.95

Made in the USA!

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$18.95 (tax incl.) $18.95 (tax excl.)
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