Dynax Stretcher & Gurney
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Dynax Stretcher & Gurney

This Dynax Stretcher can handle a larger canine patient, up to 200 pounds.

Gurney Only: $475.50
Stretcher & Gurney Combo: $618.50

Made in the USA!

$475.50 (tax incl.) $475.50 (tax excl.)
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The Dynax Gurney (52LX23WX35H) is a tubular frame construction with unique connectors creating a means of supporting the DynaxStretcher (49"X24") and the larger canine patient, up to 200 pounds.

Designed for easy lifting and transporting of the patient from the floor to the surgical or x-ray table. Also used as a convenient examining table.

The stretcher is secured to the vertical frame of the gurney and locked in place.

The total weight of the gurney is less than 10 pounds.

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