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Small Family Business

Since 1974, A.M. Bickford has offered high quality veterinary anesthesia equipment, supplies, and Riken Keiki products. They are a small family owned business from Wales Center, New York.

A.M. Bickford, Inc. was started over 40 years ago by Allan & Frances Bickford and their son John.  Allan Bickford was the strong and silent type. Frances Bickford was a fearless business woman.  They made the perfect entrepreneurial team.

Like most companies, they started A.M. Bickford, Inc. in their home.  The basement was converted to a machine shop, warehouse and office space. Over time the business grew and they built the facility they are located in today.

Riken Partnership

The Riken Keiki Co. Ltd., is the world leader in gas detection and sensor technologies.  They offer over a hundred different models of gas detection and environmental measurement products.

A.M. Bickford's business partnership with the Riken Keiki Co started over 40 years ago.  Allan Bickford sent a letter to the Riken Keiki Co complementing them on the design and the quality of their equipment.  Over time, and many correspondences, a mutual respect was formed based on loyalty and trust. Today: A.M. Bickford, Inc. is honored to be the Authorized US Distributor for the FI-8000P Riken Gas Indicator.

51110 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
Model 51110 veterinary anesthesia machine is the basic stand model and all other models evolve from it. The 51110 is our most popular anesthesia machine that is a safe, easy to use anesthesia delivery system. A highly maneuverable base with a small footprint, features two easy to lock brakes. The unique absorber pole design provides ultimate flexibility. All functional elements are front facing (controls, gauges, oxygen flush, flowmeter & vaporizer) within easy reach and highly visible. Ships fully assembled.
Warranty: 5 Years
51112 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine (& Vaporizer Bundle)
Model 51112 veterinary anesthesia machine has all the unique features of the basic model 51111 but with more capabilities.
In addition to a D.I.S.S male oxygen connection, the 51112 veterinary anesthesia machine has two custom designed “E” cylinder yoke. This additional feature and superb design provides flexibility, mobility and additional safety. The two yokes are mounted to the back of the aluminum plate and directly connected to a high pressure regulator port. The oxygen tank is easily turned on using a cylinder wrench while it rests against the tank bar. Ships FULLY Assembled.
Save the most money by purchasing a bundle option. 
Warranty: 5 Years for Machine, 3 Years for Vaporizers.
APM: Audio Patient Monitor
Replacing the traditional stethoscope, the APM uses a sensitive microphone that transmits the animal’s heartbeat and respiration sounds using an esophageal stethoscope tube or chest piece cup. The amplified cardiovascular sounds are heard through a speaker and indicated visually through a flashing red light.
This item is Extremely popular because of the simplicity and the unique respiratory and heartbeat SOUND it produces. The entire team can feel secure & confident while in surgery hearing the APM's sound monitor your patient.

Microphone unit
Esophageal stethoscopes (12F, 18F, and 24F)
4 C Batteries
Protective case

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
Made in the USA
Esophageal Stethoscope Tube
Esophageal Stethoscope Tubes developed by the leader of auscultation with distinct features that ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability in enhanced sound reproduction. Electronically designed to maximize the transmission of acoustic performance of heart and breath sounds. Latex free tubing, ensures ease of intubations for optimum patient comfort. Available in four sizes (9F, 12F, 18F, 24F) and a set of three.
Fits the APM: Audio Patient Monitor
Available Options:9F x 16″ Length12F x 18″ Length18F x 18″ Length24F x 18″ Length30F x 28″ Length30F x 48″ Length9.5mm O.D. X 182cm langth - Large Canine12.5mm O.D. X 152cm length - Large Animals12.5mm O.D. X 182cm length - Large Animals16mm O.D. X 182cm length - (Equine, etc.)Set of 3: 12F ,18F 24F
Made in the USA!

Call For Price

Call For Price
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F/Air Scavenger Charcoal Canister (8 Pack Case)
Bickford Omnicon F/AIR - Carbon Filled Anesthetic Waste Gas Canisters (8 Pack Case)
A sensible answer to anesthesia gas problems in the operating room, the F/AIR anesthesia gas filter was specifically designed to remove waste anesthesia gases such as ISOFLURANE, HALOTHANE, ENFLURANE, etc. from the operating room environment.

Height: 15.24 cm (6 inches)
Weight of Active Components: 200 grams
Diameter: 8.255 cm (3 1/4 inches)
Connector, outside diameter: 2.22 cm (7⁄8 inches) male

Adsorption Capacity

Carbon Tetrachloride Activity, weight increase: .60%
Halogenated Gas Retentivity: .50 grams
Isoflurane Vapomatic Anesthetic Vaporizer
The Vapomatic™ Vaporizer is manufactured in the USA. It is a top quality, superior performing, agent specific calibrated veterinary vaporizer that will adapt to most anesthesia machines.
Produced with the experience of over 40 years of vaporizer design, testing and servicing of all makes and types of vaporizers. The Vapomatic™ is designed to provide outstanding performance at low flow rates commonly used for veterinary anesthesia.
Warranty: 3 Years
Microphone Unit for APM: Audio Patient Monitor
When connected to the APM, this ultra-sensitive microphone unit detects respiration and pulse sounds from an esophageal stethoscope tube or chest piece cup.
The microphone unit is an extremely sensitive to pick up the smallest pulse sounds. Consequently, to prolong its life, handle the microphone unit carefully. DO NOT DROP, SHOCK & AVOID LIQUID.
Made in the USA
Riken FI-8000P Gas Indicator
The FI-8000P Riken Gas Indicator provides an all in one solution for measuring anesthetic gas concentration. Using highly accurate and durable Optical Interfermoetric Sensor technology, the FI-8000P is the trusted tool of choice for clinical engineering professionals.

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