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Engler Engineering Corporation was founded in 1964 and is located in Miami, Florida. Engler manufactures high quality veterinary dental equipment, microprocessor controlled anesthesia equipment, oxygen generators stretchers and gurneys as well as dental equipment for the veterinary market.

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51111 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine (& Vaporizer Bundle)
Model 51111 veterinary anesthesia machine has all the unique features of the basic model 51110 but with even more capabilities.
In addition to a D.I.S.S male oxygen connection, the 51111 veterinary anesthesia machine has one custom designed “E” cylinder yoke. This additional feature and superb design provides flexibility, mobility and additional safety. The yoke is mounted to the back of the aluminum plate and directly connected to a high pressure regulator port. The oxygen tank is easily turned on using a cylinder wrench while it rests against the tank bar.
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Warranty: 5 Years for Machine, 3 Years for Vaporizers.
A.D.S 2000 Positive Pressure Ventilator (Stand Alone) - Anesthesia Delivery System w/ 220V 12 VOLT DC ADAPTER
A.D.S. 2000 – A revolutionary ventilator and anesthesia product for the veterinarian. (Up to 91 kg or 200 lbs patients)
Introducing the A.D.S.2000 Anesthesia delivery system from Engler Engineering Corporation. The A.D.S.2000 will change the way gas anesthetics are administered to patients.
With 12 hr. Battery Backup 220V W/ 95~250 VOLT AC TO 12 VOLT DC ADAPTER
Made in the USA
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A.D.S. Stand with Vaporizor Clamp
ADS Stand with Vaporizor Clamp (Ancillary Table)
This stand is made for and fits the A.D.S 2000 and A.D.S 2000 w/DC Adapter perfectly. It can also be used as an great ancillary table to hold operating tools and supplies during surgery.
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