Veterinary Equipment

High quality veterinary equipment and the webs lowest prices. Why waste your time shopping around multiple veterinary equipment manufacturers, contacting each one directly for a quote, only to get the highest retail price on their product? Shopping direct is neither efficient or price competitive. We offer multiple trusted brands for one-stop shopping, the lowest online prices, and good customer service. You don't have to do all the work or pay more with VETMAX, plus you full Manufacturer Warranty on each product. The Sensible Alternative.



We carry the best, most versatile cages you can buy. Made in the USA.

The beauty of the cages that we carry is that the arrangement possibilities are endless. If your needs or available space change, the arrangement can be added to or rearranged to fit the new requirements. You can even reverse the doors to open the other way if you find it would work better for your needs. When you add some of our finishing accessories, you’ll find that the Cages we carry are not only the best, but the most versatile you can buy.

There are many products not shown on our online catalog, we can custom fit almost any type of configuration you are looking for including custom pricing on a new office installation or existing cage configuration makeover.

Since cages are heavy and larger in size, shipping often requires specialized freight carriers. This means we need to get a custom shipping quote so you can get the lowest shipping price. You can either just call us for a shipping quote on multiple combinations, or you can just add items to the cart, then request a quote directly from the cart. We will then e-mail you with the quote as soon as possible with and easy instructions and a hyperlink directly to our store, making it easy for you to purchase.

Scrub Sinks / Faucets

You can trust Suburban Surgical faucets and stainless steel sinks. Suburban Surgical is well established and popular in the veterinary industry and for good reason. They make exceptional high quality, feature rich, sinks and faucets made in the USA.

All sinks, faucets and drains in this category are mostly compatible with one another. You can pick almost any faucet to match any sink. The only exception is, the emergency eye-wash faucet requires a matching sink with "Eyewash Compatible" selected as an option. So that we ship a sink with the proper additional holes for the emergency eye-wash faucet installation. If you choose the dual sink, don't forget, you need 2 faucets and 2 drains for a complete set.


Unique Product and Brand Combinations only found at VETMAX.

Interested in purchasing multiple items to save money? Perhaps you are outfitting a new Veterinary Clinic or need Veterinary Equipment for your University or Research Facility. Buying multiple products directly from manufacturers can be frustrating. You call each manufacturer to get retail pricing, and then have to deal with several manufacturers to get what you want. If you are a University or Research Facility then you need to set up billing and payment accounts for each manufacturer you contact. What a hassle!

There are certain items that are just meant to be paired together, often from different manufacturers. We have the ability to bundle items saving you both time and money. These unique Veterinary Product and Cross Veterinary Brand combinations can only be found here at VETMAX! It's simple, no-one else has the ability to pair these products from different brands at these savings!

New product
Electro-Son - Touchscreen Electrosurgery Unit
The Electro-Son Touchscreen Electrosurgery Unit is a high quality machine that is user friendly, heavy duty, and made in the USA. It has 8 built in presets and offers both Monopolar and Bipolar high frequencies.

Intuitive Touch Screen
Operating Power: ~ 140 watts nominal

Included: 1 monopolar autoclavable handpiece, 1 monopolar disposable handpiece, and 6 Electrosurge tips.
Made in the USA
We offer the lowest price available for this product!
New product
Philips Millennium 10 LPM Oxygen Concentrator
The Millennium M10 is designed to be the highest performing and most reliable 10-liter oxygen machine available. It’s engineered to reduce the cost of providing oxygen for patients who need high levels of oxygen. Phillips Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator delivers medical grade oxygen up to 10 Liters Per Minute (LPM), providing an excellent oxygen therapy solution for patients who need higher oxygen flows than the 5 LPM supplied by most standard concentrators. Millennium M10 has fewer parts than most other oxygen concentrators and is built for reliability so that it is easy to use and easy to own.
Made in the USA

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Leo Minor® LED Multipurpose Surgical Light
Design innovation meets the latest advancements in LED lighting technology in the Leo Minor® multipurpose LED surgical light. The Leo Minor features an optical solution that produces a uniform and homogenous light pattern with excellent shadow dilution and control. When you combine these features with daylight-like color rendering and color temperature, the end result is a true surgical light performance meeting or exceeding IEC requirements.
The Leo Minor is available in the following configurations:

Floor Stand – LMI-300
Wall Mount – LMI-400
Ceiling Mount, Single Head – LMI-550
Ceiling Mount, Dual Head – LMI-700

Warranty: 3 Year Limited

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ScanVet Alta X-Ray Table
Digital Veterinary X-Ray for Companion AnimalsThe SkanVet Alta series is the most adaptable, customizable, feature-rich veterinary system on the market.
We offer low pricing for this x-ray machine!

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HTP-1500 Heat Therapy Pump (& Stand)
The Adroit Medical HTP-1500 is the most widely used heat therapy pump in US hospitals and a Top Seller with Veterinarians, Animal Clinics and Research Centers. The HTP-1500’s ergonomic design, ease of use and rugged construction make in the ideal choice for everyday use at busy hospitals and veterinary clinics. The HTP-1500 is the only heat therapy pump that uses tap water!
Pump fits both Adroit Soft-Temp Heating Pads and Maxitherm® Circulator Pads.
Options:HTP-1500 Heat Pump (Pump Only)HTP-1500 Stand (Stand Only)HTP-1500 Heat Therapy Pump + Stand Combo
Warranty: 1 Year
Made in the USA!
We offer the lowest price available on every option of this product!
APM: Audio Patient Monitor
Replacing the traditional stethoscope, the APM uses a sensitive microphone that transmits the animal’s heartbeat and respiration sounds using an esophageal stethoscope tube or chest piece cup. The amplified cardiovascular sounds are heard through a speaker and indicated visually through a flashing red light.
This item is Extremely popular because of the simplicity and the unique respiratory and heartbeat SOUND it produces. The entire team can feel secure & confident while in surgery hearing the APM's sound monitor your patient.

Microphone unit
Esophageal stethoscopes (12F, 18F, and 24F)
4 C Batteries
Protective case

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
Made in the USA
ABL80 FLEX blood gas analyzer
ABL80 FLEX blood gas analyzer
Ideal for measuring blood gas, electrolytes and glucose in low- to mid-volume clinical areas

Blood gas, electrolytes, glucose
Suitable for mid to low volume settings
Automatic Quality Control

Easy-to-use test cassettes and a small footprint make the ABL80 FLEX analyzer ideal for measuring blood gas, electrolytes and glucose in low- and mid-volume clinical areas. The ABL80 FLEX analyzer offers automatic quality control that makes sure you're always ready for the next inspection. And because it’s portable and operates fully on battery, the ABL80 FLEX analyzer is ideal for sharing among several departments.

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SRV300 Series Gram Scale
When your weighing needs require gram accuracy, the SRV300 Series is the right tool for the job. Available in four different weight ranges, the SRV300 Series can handle a variety of weighing for small animals and nutritional portion measurements.Constructed of high-impact plastic, the SRV300 Series is as durable as it is functional.The SRV300 Series is available up to 5000 gram weight capacity with 1 gram resolution (model SR320) and 500 gram weight capacity with a 0.1 gram resolution (model SR325).
KIT Includes: AC Power Adaptor + Plastic Bowl
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
EZ-Breathe Veterinary Ventilator
The EZ-Breathe (EZB) was designed to be the simplest anesthesia ventilator available to veterinarians today.

The EZB is a very cost effective way to ventilate a veterinary patient
Attaches directly to ALL anesthesia machines (new and older models)
Simple to set up in less than 5 minutes, easy to operate
Compact design, takes up almost no space, weighs only 0.91 kg.
Ventilates patients from 1kg to 120kg (2lbs to 264lbs)
Fill & Hold button
Electronic and mechanical pop-off for added safety
No inconvenient or cumbersome accessories
Easy to wean patients off after surgery
Designed and made in the USA

This is one of the lowest priced Ventilators you can buy, and we offer the lowest price on this product, making it the best value! Top seller!