SRV947IFS Built In-Floor Vet Scale (0.61m x 1.22m)
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SRV947IFS Built In-Floor Vet Scale (0.61m x 1.22m)

The SRV947IFS is a flush mounted platform scale. This is a great alternative when floor space is at a premium. The flush surface eliminates tripping hazards and hallway accessibility issues.

The scale's durable frame is coated with an aggregate infused polyurea coating that provides a slip-free surface for animals, reducing the fear that animals often experience with a scale.

The large capacity allows pets to be easily weighed in kennels by taring out the kennel weight.

A built in surface ring makes cleaning underneath the scale quick and easy. Optionally, the scale can be remotely operated using the SR Scales app on your phone or tablet, if you select a scale with the Bluetooth option (BT).

Warranty: 2 Year Limited


$2,975.00 VAT excluded

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Bluetooth module required for use with SR Scales’ App (must be factory installed - BT). Scale comes Standard with Wall Mount Display.


  • Capacity - 400 Lb / 182 Kg
  • Large Weighing Surface - The scale's large 0.61m x 1.22m (24" x 48") anti-skid surface makes it ideal for gathering weight on large or small animals.
  • Always On - AC wall power means the scale is always on tracking, and will automatically wake up and lock a stable weight when weight is detected.
  • Auto-Hold - Scale will automatically lock in on weight above 1 Kilogram.
  • Wireless Capability (Optional) - Scale comes with bluetooth wireless output that communicates with the SR Scales app on android devices.
  • Memory Recall - Recall the last stored weight


  • Max Weight: 400 Lbs / to 182 Kg
  • Display Resolution: .2 Lb / .1 kg
  • Button Functions: Zero/Weigh, lb/kg, Hold/Recall
  • Display Units: Pounds / Kilograms
  • Held Weight: Press "Hold/Recall" to store the current weight. Pressing "Hold/Recall" again will retrieve the last stored weight.
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