52111 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
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52111 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

The Model 52111 is equipped with two O2 flowmeters one high 0-5 LPM and one low 0-1 LPM.  This superb design, includes one “E” cylinder yoke that  allows the veterinarian to deliver anesthesia where a connection to a main O2 system is not accessible or provides a backup source of O2 when connected to a main O2 system.

Warranty: 5 Years for Machine, 3 Years for Vaporizers.


$2,333.00 Tax excluded

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Anesthesia Machine Only (Stand Model with Two Oxygen Flowmeters (one high 0-5 LPM, one low 0-1 LPM), Absorber, One Gas Oxygen, and one Yoke)
With Isoflurane Vaporizer (Save $200 vs purchasing separately)
With Sevoflurane Vaporizer (Save $200 vs purchasing separately)
With Isoflurane AND Sevoflurane Vaporizers (Save $400 vs purchasing separately)

Design Features:

  • Quick release toggle latches for easy to change absorbent (prepack or loose granules).
  • Pressure manometer
  • Air intake valve
  • Pop off valve (see through, easy to clean).
  • Horizontal inhalation and exhalation valves to prevent valves from sticking in the open position.
  • Two O2 Flowmeter (one high 0-5 LPM, one low 0-1 LPM).
  • O2 flush
  • Compact, very mobile
  • Absorber pole allows absorber to adjust up or down and also swings out of the way when not in use.
  • Stand provides excellent stability
  • Quick & easy switch over from rebreathing to non rebreathing system.
  • Accessories included with purchase: Adult & Pediatric Circuit, F/AIR Kit, 2 & 3 Liter Breathing Bag
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