EZ-258 ReFresh Charcoal Filter Canisters (8 Pack Case)
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EZ-258 ReFresh Charcoal Filter Canisters (8 Pack Case)

Carbon Filled Anesthetic Waste Gas Canisters. (Case of 8 Filter Canisters)

Double The Life of your Waste Gas Canisters. Captures 2X The Waste Gas!

Save Time & Money

  • ReFresh Canisters last twice as long
  • Captures more than 2x the amount of Isoflurane
  • Less waste and increased safety
  • Decrease in canister changeovers
  • Significant cost savings, up to 40% or more!
  • Only $11.88 per double sized canister!

Less waste, increased convenience and significant cost savings.

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* Third party testing compared the E-Z Anesthesia ReFresh Filter with other commonly used filters. The facility introduced 2% isoflurane in medical air into each filter at a 1 liter/min flow rate. The test was terminated at the manufacturers’ recommended saturation point for each filter.

The ReFresh filter lasts over two times as long as the other filters with zero waste gas emissions. This saves you both money and time, over all the other options on the market!

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