Tri-Mate Dental Scaler, Polisher, Electrosurgery Unit
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Tri-Mate Dental Scaler, Polisher, Electrosurgery Unit

3 Units in One!

The Tri-Mate is a merger of our Son-Mate Scaler Polisher and a general purpose Electrosurgery unit in one control box, giving you the ability to scale, polish and section teeth, along with cutting and cauterizing using three independent handpieces. The unit is supplied with all the accessories equivilant to the Son-Mate along with four different general electrodes for electrosurgery.

The Electro-Surgery section comes complete with 4 general purpose electrodes. These electrodes push-fit into the end of the handpiece. As the unit is fully automated, no grounding plate is necessary, the operator substitutes for the grounding plate and therefore must be in contact with the patient for it to work.

Made in the USA!

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Tri-Mate comes equipped in the scaling & electosurge mode with:

  • Scaler handpiece
  • Electrosurge handpiece
  • Stack (Transducer) inserted in the handpiece
  • 4 assorted scaling Tips
  • 4 assorted electrosurge Tips
  • Tip wrench
  • Water line with quick disconnect attached
  • Powercord grounded for safety
  • One foot control for both scaling and polishing mode.

Tri-Mate comes equipped in the polishing mode with:

  • 35,000 RPM Micromotor with variable speed, precision balanced for low vibration/low noise.
  • From 200 RPMHigh Torque Micromotor
  • Forward/Reverse switch
  • Straight handpiece, user friendly, autoclavable
  • Prophy angle for snap on rubber cups, autoclavable
  • Starter kit with 10 rubber and 10 prophy paste cups
  • Rubber rest for handpiece
  • Owner's and Technique manual

Technical Data:

Water input pressure: 30-60 PSI (2-5 Bar)
Power Supply: 120 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Scaler Operating Frequency: 18,000Hz, for scaling mode, Autotuned.
Electrosurgery: Monopolor operation only
Frequency: 1.2 MHz. Approximate
Voltage: 175-400 VAC

Dimension: Width 81/4", Length 121/2", Height 3.10" 21 cm x 32 cm x 8 cm
Net Weight:10 Lbs /4.5 Kg.
Shipping Weight: 12 Lbs /5.5 Kg.

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