• Micro-Cell Hematology Analyzer
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Micro-Cell Hematology Analyzer

Hycount 5 plus VET Hematology Analyzer

The Micro-Cell Hycount 5 plus is an easy-to-use veterinary hematology analyzer that reports a true 5-part CBC differential. Results include 25 parameters with 2 histograms and 4 scattergrams.

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  • Tri-angle laser scatter, advanced flow cytometry
  • Independent Basophil channel
  • Impedance method for RBC, PLT counting
  • 25 parameters with 2 histograms and 4 scattergrams
  • 20µl sampling volume
  • Process up to 60 samples per hour
  • Suitable for running joint or abdominal fluid
  • Built in thermal printer and supports external printer
  • Optional bar code scanner
  • Manual and Auto-calibration
  • Automatically monitors onboard reagent status
  • Multiple maintenance and self-checking functions
  • Auto-cleaning of probes and tubing
  • Stores 60,000 results with scattergrams and histograms
  • 10.4-inch touch screen, supports mouse and keyboard
  • Customizable printout
  • L 17in x W 14in x H 17in

Reasons to Choose MicroVet Diagnostics:

  • Better Technology: Reference Lab Quality Analyzers
  • Easier to Use
  • Lower Cost to Operate.

Don't get stuck with the FREE diagnostic equipment, just sign a contract, and purchase our supplies for a few years trick. Their slick salespeople talk you into using their company by giving you the machine for free, and you sign a 4 - 7 year contract to purchase their supplies at a much higher price. You get stuck with significant penalties and they continue to raise your test prices every year, you can do nothing about it. You not only get lower quality equipment, but you end up paying significantly more over the contract and have to deal with the stress of being in that demanding contract.

MicroVet Diagnostics is currently the ONLY Veterinary Diagnostics machine provider that does not offer contracts. You just purchase our machines outright, then get low prices on all your testing supplies for the life of that machine. Yes you pay the higher price up front by buying your machine, but for that one time initial investment you end up with: Higher quality equipment that's easier to use, good customer service, freedom from contracts, and have lower operating costs during the life of that machine. Just ask, and we can show you the math. It just makes sense to use MicroVet Diagnostics for your testing equipment instead of getting stuck in a demanding, overpriced contract.

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