• Micro-Well High Output Chemistry System
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Micro-Well High Output Chemistry System

High Output Automated Random-Access Chemistry System

The Micro-Well is a fully automated chemistry analyzer. It is a random-access bench top system with high throughput for laboratory efficiency and ease. Piloted by powerful software which guides the system through all steps of the assay procedure, optimizes faster sample processing and represents data graphically.

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  • Fully automated, Random-access, Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
  • Throughput of 180 photometric tests/hour
  • Primary tube sampling with option of sample cup
  • Onboard cooling for reagents
  • Probe with pre-heating facility
  • Dedicated mixer with variable speed
  • Built-in bar code reader for samples and reagents
  • Re-usable cuvettes
  • Probe with vertical obstruction detection and liquid level sensing
  • Multiple calculation modes such as linear, non-linear, multi-point etc.
  • Extensive QC program Levy-Jennings curve and QC rules
  • Real time monitoring of reaction curve
  • Auto dilution and auto rerun
  • Flexibility for STAT samples
  • Large open test menu: routine chemistry, special chemistry, and Immunoturbidimetric test
  • Lamp saving function enhances lamp life
  • Unlimited test parameters, calculation items, profiles, and results storage
  • Windows operating mode with intuitive user interface
  • Direct patient reportable format and printout with user defined options
  • 27” Wide x 18” Deep x 12” High (closed
  • Weight 143 lbs

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