Esophageal Stethoscope Tube
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Esophageal Stethoscope Tube

Esophageal Stethoscope Tubes developed by the leader of auscultation with distinct features that ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability in enhanced sound reproduction.   Electronically designed to maximize the transmission of acoustic performance of heart and breath sounds. Latex free tubing, ensures ease of intubations for optimum patient comfort. Available in four sizes (9F, 12F, 18F, 24F) and a set of three.

Fits the APM: Audio Patient Monitor

Available Options:
9F x 16″ Length
12F x 18″ Length
18F x 18″ Length
24F x 18″ Length
30F x 28″ Length
30F x 48″ Length
9.5mm O.D. X 182cm Length - Large Canine
12.5mm O.D. X 152cm Length - Large Animals
12.5mm O.D. X 182cm Length - Large Animals
16mm O.D. X 182cm Length - (Equine, etc.)
Set of 3: 12F ,18F 24F

Made in the USA!

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