CX Wide Ceramic Clipper Blades
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CX Wide Ceramic Clipper Blades

Lazor CX Series Wide Ceramic Clipper Blades

Laube is the only brand that offers WIDE blades in a such variety of sizes. Wide blades cover more area, making each of your grooming tasks much faster. Because it saves you time, it saves you money. Superior quality. Get all your favorite sizes you use everyday... but in the new WIDE version. Unique, no other brand offers these. One-of-a-kind WIDE blades here to make your profession even more efficient and advanced.

Excellent quality Ceramic blades. Ultra Hard 90+ Rockwell. High Carbon, chrome coated steel w/ceramic cutters, glides through hair. Rust proof cutter blade. Fits all snap on clippers. Ceramic blades run up to 80% cooler and stay sharper up to 10 times longer.

Made in the USA!


$74.95 Tax excluded

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CX Ceramic Blade Sizes:

#30 Wide Ceramic
#15 Wide Ceramic
#10 Wide Ceramic
#10F Wide Ceramic
Big Block Wide Ceramic


The second hardest substance known to man. Excellent cutting properties. Will stay sharper longer than steel. Totally corrosion proof.


It is the ultra low temperatures and ultra slow temperature change that allows the molecules in the material to compress and expand in a uniform, homogeneous manner and the re-align in a more coherent fashion, thus, reducing internal stress. This process makes a stronger denser, sharper and longer lasting blade.


  • Titanium Plating stays Sharper Longer
  • Titanium Plating is Rust Resistant
  • Ultra Hard 90+ Rockwell
  • Ceramic Blade runs up to 80% cooler
  • Ceramic Blade Stays Sharper up to 10 times Longer
  • Fits all snap on style clippers
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