Speed Feed and Purrrl Trimmer Blades
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Speed Feed and Purrrl Trimmer Blades

Speed Feed and Purrrl Trimmer Blades

The Speed Feed Blades fit both the Speed Feed Trimmer handpiece and the Purrrl Cat trimmer. Interchangeable with steel or ceramic blades. Choose your favorite type when purchasing. All will work on your trimmer. Some blade sizes may be available in only ceramic or only steel.

Steel is economical and slightly less fragile than the ceramic. The steel blade has black or gray cutter teeth.

Ceramic helps reduce friction and any heat as well as stay sharper much longer. Your dollar goes further. The ceramic blade has white cutter teeth.


  • Steel
  • Ceramic

Made in the USA!


$30.00 Tax excluded

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Blade Adjust to 5 Different Sizes: #40, #30, #15, #10, #9

Leaves Cut Lengths:

  • #40: 1/100" - .25mm
  • #30: 1/50" - .5mm
  • #15: 3/64" - 1mm
  • #10: 1/16" - 1.5mm
  • #9: 5/64" - 2mm
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