SRV320A Avian 5000 Grams x 1 Gram Scale
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SRV320A Avian 5000 Grams x 1 Gram Scale

When it's time to look to the sky, do not let the SRV320A pass you by. This scale allows veterinarian and zoological specialists to gather weights on birds up to 5,000 grams.

The large base, along with it's 5" perch, permit the bird to be comfortably placed for proper weighing.

The perch is attached firmly to the base, however it can be removed allowing use of the scale for smaller animals or as a daily nutritional scale.

Kit Includes: 110v AC Power Cord (Not Pictured).


Warranty: 2 Year Limited


$145.00 Tax excluded

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  • 5000 grams x 1 gram resolution.
  • Display units - Grams or Ounces.
  • 5" Perch - Allows larger birds room to perch.
  • Hold - Freezes the weight on the display.
  • Battery Operated - 4 "AA" Batteries. Auto Power Down (APD) approximately 120 seconds
  • Optional Equipment - 110v AC power supply.
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