Stainless Steel Classic 15 Bathing Table (with Access Door + Ramp)
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Stainless Steel Classic 15 Bathing Table (with Access Door + Ramp)

Stainless Steel Classic 15 Bathing Tub with flexible configurations to fit your needs. Offered in 48"W or 60"W, drain on right or left, and the faucet can be configured on left, back or right, with access door and swiveled ramp. Top quality and built to last a lifetime.

The entire Table — Tub, Splash Shields and Base — is made of Type 304 stainless steel, heli-arc welded for superior strength. All welds are ground smooth, and the entire tub assembly features a uniform, non-glare finish.


48"W Drain Left - Access Door Right
48"W Drain Right - Access Door Left
60"W Drain Left - Access Door Right
60"W Drain Right - Access Door Left

Suburban Surgical Stainless Steel products come with a lifetime guarantee!

Made in the USA!

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*The included faucet is for display purposes, and is sold separately.

Efficient bathing equipment is an essential component of virtually every pet care facility. Whether your business specializes in regular preventative care, emergency services, boarding or grooming, you’ll build customer satisfaction when you send your clients home from your facility bathed, groomed and sweet smelling.

That’s why we offer flexible bathing table combinations. We want you to be able to choose the exact bathing table configuration you need to be able to efficiently bathe the animals in your care. Select a Bathing Table with the faucet on left, back or right. You can select right or left drain. Our Classic series Bathing Tables are designed to allow the most comfortable working height.

But that’s not all this Bathing Table offers an easy access door located on the right or left side with a rotating walk-up ramp. You’ll never have to lift a heavy, wet animal in or out of the tub again. Imagine the convenience!

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