Regal Electric Base Flat-Top Operating Table
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Regal Electric Base Flat-Top Operating Table

Adjusting the table height and table top angle is easy with our electrically powered Regal tables. Just a touch of a pedal allows you to conveniently lift, lower and tilt the table top. Regal tables feature a screw lifting mechanism and screw tilt mechanism, both designed to hold the table top steady at the height and angle you select. Regal tables also feature a 120V AC outlet built into the base to allow you to power surgical accessories during procedures.

Select with or without heat. Available in either a 46.375" (117.79cm) wide or 58.375" (148.27 cm) wide and can be raised or lowered from 31" to 43" (78.74cm to 109.22cm) high x 22.375-in. (56.83cm) deep overall.


46.375"W Heated
58.375"W Heated


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Regal Operating Table Base Features

  • Adjustable floor levelers on all four corners help ensure table is steady. Order optional casters for mobility.
  • Convenient foot switch can be used on either side of the table to easily raise, lower and tilt the table top.
  • Heavy-duty 120V AC electrical outlet is built into right side of base.
  • Stainless steel covered column houses electric lift and tilt mechanisms.
  • Electric tilt mechanism  is operated by convenient foot pedals.
  • Weighted stainless steel base provides superior stability.
  • Flat base may also be used as a footrest.

Durable, stainless steel manual tilt mechanism with quick lock/release handle lets you change the table top angle from horizontal to almost vertical and rotate it 360 degrees to meet your needs.

The uniquely designed rigid stainless steel top has a slightly raised center to direct fluids to a trough at the outer edge of the table top surface. The trough then channels fluids to the drain/collection hole at one end to allow fluids to drain away from your operating site.

For comfort and safety, all our flat operating table tops have smooth, rounded corners and a satin finish that is easy on the eyes even with bright operating lighting. Stainless steel top is flanged down and hemmed to eliminate any sharp edges.  Our operating table tops also feature our access-a-rail tie-down system to help you keep animals safely positioned during surgical procedures.

Regal Operating Table Base

The electric height adjustment and electric tilting mechanism on our Regal Base give you greater positioning convenience. Electrically operated pedals activate the screw lifting mechanism to smoothly raise and lower the table and tilt and lock the table top at any angle from horizontal to near vertical. Mounting bracket/tilt mechanism is made of stainless steel for unsurpassed strength and durability. For added convenience, a heavy-duty 120V AC electrical outlet is built into base to power surgical accessories during procedures or provide power for a heated operating table top. 

Heated Operating Table Tops (Option)

Both our Flat or V-style operating table tops are available in a heated style to help your patients maintain a constant body temperature during procedures. Continuous, even heat is distributed over the table top surface for greater animal comfort. The temperature you select is shown in the LCD display, and an indicator light shows when the temperature is reached. Control unit is mounted conveniently under the top edge of the operating table. Requires 120V AC power.

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