Heat Reflective Leggings
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Heat Reflective Leggings

Heat Reflective material reflects a patient’s own body heat, banking it while preventing convective heat loss (wind chill). Each heat reflective leggings are sold by the case of 50 pairs.

Size and Pricing:

  • 7" (XS): $298 for 50 pairs ($5.96 per pair)
  • 11" (Small):- $298 for 50 pairs ($5.96 per pair)
  • 15" (Medium): $364 for 50 pairs ($7.28 per pair)
  • 22" (Large): $428 for 50 pairs ($8.56 per pair)
  • 30" (XL): $492 for 50 pairs ($9.84 per pair)

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  • Helps prevent hypothermia
  • Cost-effective and ultra light weight
  • Standard of care: wide-spread growing use at veterinary centers and learning institutions across the country
  • Professional Appearance

Suggested Uses:

  • Shock and trauma patients
  • Pre and post operative/anesthesia/dentistry
  • Recovery
  • Cold Office Environments

Prewarming of patients before anesthesia induction and surgery prep is known as ‘banking heat’. Most veterinary procedures requiring anesthesia are under for 45 minutes. These heat reflective leggings are designed to promote normothermia and help prevent hypothermia using the patient’s own body heat. Of course you can also apply a warming blanket to increase the heat if needed.

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