Dynax Stretcher and Cart
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Dynax Stretcher and Cart

The cart enables single-handed transport of a large dog.

Cart Only: $264
Stretcher & Cart Combo: $413.50

Made in the USA!

$264.00 (tax incl.) $264.00 (tax excl.)
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The Dynax Cart can best be described as a “wheelbarrow”. It was designed to enable the veterinarian or technician to transport a patient whose weight exceeds the limits of their capacity without assistance. Single-handedly load and transport up to 200 pounds, to surgical or x-ray tables.


  • Cart dimensions: 21.25"W X 23.25"L X24"H
  • Locking wheels
  • Designed for stability, to eliminate tipping
Data sheet
50 in
26 in
8 in
12 lbs
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