Bulk Pricing

Are you a purchaser for a veterinary clinic, school or university, or research group? We are always interested in those who are looking for bulk purchasing and can offer you low rates depending upon your annual volume. This website was built from the ground up with both our bulk customers and retail customers in mind. That is, we have made every attempt to make it easy to purchase from this site as easily as possible.

The pricing you see on our website is below or at retail and for individual or low volume purchasing. If you are a veterinary buyer for a medium to large sized group, we offer special pricing based upon your annual volume. For our bulk customers they can login to our website, and see the wholesale pricing being offered specifically to them on each product. It's that simple.

Nobody offers the amount of manufacturers we offer and few can match our low pricing strategy for your amount of volume for each tier.

Each case is an individual assessment, but the more you buy the lower prices we can get you.

Low pricing, time savings, easy ordering and great service. This is what we offer at VETMAX®.

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