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EZ-Breathe Veterinary Ventilator

The EZ-Breathe (EZB) was designed to be the simplest anesthesia ventilator available to veterinarians today.

  • The EZB is a very cost effective way to ventilate a veterinary patient.
  • Attaches directly to ALL anesthesia machines (new and older models)
  • Simple to set up in less than 5 minutes, easy to operate
  • Compact design, takes up almost no space, weighs only 2 lbs
  • Ventilates patients from 1kg to 120kg (2lbs to 264lbs)
  • Fill & Hold button
  • Electronic and mechanical pop-off for added safety
  • No inconvenient or cumbersome accessories
  • Easy to wean patients off after surgery
  • Designed and proudly made in the USA

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The EZ-Breathe (EZB) was designed to be the simplest anesthesia ventilator available to veterinarians today. Unlike other ventilators that demand both the space in your operating room and the attention of your technicians, EZB becomes just one more part of your routine surgical procedure. It fits comfortably into any operating room size / protocol and is designed to be permanently attached to your anesthesia machine ready to be used at the push of a button. For patients not requiring mechanical ventilation, the EZB functions as a reservoir bag so it never needs to be removed from your anesthesia machine.

The EZB is very easy to set up and run. It attaches to ALL anesthesia machine (new and older models). Simply, remove re-breathing bag, add ventilator, then re-attach re-breathing bag to bottom of ventilator. Once the EZB is connected to your anesthesia machine, set the Inspiratory Rate, Breaths Per Minute, and Peak Inspiratory Pressure. Adjust your vaporizer, press a button and EZB will begin ventilating and delivering anesthesia to your patient.


    Ventilation Mode: Pressure Limited*
    Minimum Patient Weight: 1 kg
    Maximum Patient Weight: 120 Kg
    Drive Gas: O2, N, or Clean Dry (Compressed) Air
    Drive Gas Pressure: 50 psi @ 4.6 scfm at maximum flow
    Breaths per minute: 5-25 BPM
    Peak Inspiratory Pressure: 8-25 cm Water
    Flow Rate - Standard Mode: 6-85 LPM
    Flow Rate - Large Dog Mode: 75-130 LPM
    I:E Ratio: 1:2 Fixed
    PEEP: 3 cm Water (approx.)
    Power Requirement: 110-240 VAC, 6 watts max
1L, 2L, & 3L compression bags included

Physical Specifications

    Weight: 2 Lbs
    Size of Main Body: 4.33” Diameter x 3.75" High
    Overall Height: 8.5
    Shipping Dimensions: 15” X 13” X 7”
    Shipping Weight 6 Lbs

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