Veterinary Equipment

High quality veterinary equipment and the webs lowest prices. Why waste your time shopping around multiple veterinary equipment manufacturers, contacting each one directly for a quote, only to get the highest retail price on their product? Shopping direct is neither efficient or price competitive. We offer multiple trusted brands for one-stop shopping, the lowest online prices, and good customer service. You don't have to do all the work or pay more with VETMAX, plus you full Manufacturer Warranty on each product. The Sensible Alternative.

CX Steel Clipper Blades
Lazor CX Series Steel Clipper Blades
Laube blades are stronger with a hardness of 90+ Rockwell, while all competitive blades are in the 70’s and lower.  These steel blades are ultra rust resistant and stay sharp longer, run cooler, and have a hard chrome finish.  Because these blades move side to side in a patented elliptical pattern, the blades stay sharp up to 10 times longer, saving considerable expense sharpening. Harder, quieter, smoother, efficient motion: Superior blades from Laube save you time, effort, and just make your grooming or surgery prep job easier.
FITS ALL BRANDS OF STANDARD SNAP-ON STYLE CLIPPERS (does NOT fit on the Speed Feed Trimmer, Purrrl Trimmer, or other Trimmer Kits)
Made in the USA!
Laube Magnum Force Dog & Animal Dryer
Variable Speed Laube Magnum Force Dog & Animal Dryer
Stronger, faster, lighter, extra tough exterior, superior quality! Laube Dog & Animal dryers are the best in its class. Why waste your time and settle for less?
Made in the USA!
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Speed Feed Trimmer
Speed Feed Trimmer Kit
For the Speed with No Limits!
Feed your Speed with the Speed Feed Trimmer. The highest-performing pet trimmer for veterinarians and groomers alike. With a 5-in-1 blade for precision trimming for small, toy and miniature pet breeds. The Speed Feed runs cool and quiet for skittish, anxious, or rescue pets. The cordless option kit is complete with two batteries for easy switch and charge for continual trimming or extended veterinarian surgery time for sick or injured pets.


Made in the USA!
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871 iVAC Cowboy Clipper Kit
871 iVAC Cowboy Clipper Kit 2 Speed (Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Large Ranch Animals)
The Laube iVac Clippers is the best, handiest, multi-client and multi-purposed grooming tool and clipper.  It can remove parasites, dander, pests, dust, dead skin, and airborne allergens from your pet's fur and coat WHILE you groom.  It prevents inhalation of loose debris and will enhance the sanitation of your working area.  Fur and hair is sucked away and reduces groom time and after-cleaning time!  Purchase a vacuum container system (sold separately) OR utilize the vacuum system you already own*. 
Made in the USA!
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In-Duct UV for HVAC Systems - PAH Series
PAH Series In-Duct UV for HVAC Systems
Our PAH Series of UV equipment is made to fit into any new and existing HVAC (indoor split system) and plugs directly into any standard power outlet.
Options:PAH-08 - 1 UV LampPAH-12 - 2 UV Lamps
Made in the USA!
Guarantee: Unit: 5 Years, Replacement Lamp: 1 Year
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Scale-Aire / Excelsior Basic Maintenance Package
Official Maintenance package for the Engler Scale-Aire or Excelsior Dental Units. Everything you need for basic daily maintenance.

Lubricant Spray (Nozzle type 7.5 OZ)
Drop Oil (For: Insert O-ring, Prophy & Contra Angle)
Inline Water Filter for 2L Bottle
Cleaning Needle for High Speed Handpiece

Made in the USA!
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Recessed End Treatment Table - 3 Drawers + Cupboard (Door Hinged Right)
All Recessed-end Treatment Tables are divided into 3 sections. Two sections are storage space in a variety of drawer/cupboard combinations and a recessed knee space uses one section on the left or right end.
Pricing:Premier Laminated Table: $1,299 - $1,815 (Depending upon options & configuration)Regal Stainless Steel Table: $2,363 - $2,927 (Depending upon options & configuration)
Custom Made in the USA!
We offer the lowest online price for this product
* The primary image may not be accurate for this product, based upon the drawer count and the table top option you choose. Please see the diagram/schematic image for accurate dimensions and layout of finished product.
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Premier Laminated Pull-Out Trays for Wet/Treatment Tables
For greater convenience, replace the cupboard’s existing adjustable shelf with Pull-out Trays. Our uniquely-designed rollers/slides ensure that the Pull-out moves quietly, smoothly and with little effort. Typically, two trays are customer-installed in each cupboard; one at the bottom and one midway. Pull-out trays for laminated products are white to match the interior of the cupboard.
Fits all Suburban Surgical Laminated Wet Tables.
Options:48"W, 3 Compartment Tables, Single Door 60"W, 3 Compartment Tables, Single Door 48"W, 3 Compartment Tables, Pair Door 60"W, 3 Compartment Tables, Pair Door
Custom Made in the USA!
V Shaped Stainless Steel Wet Table Rack
Stainless steel “V”-shaped Wet Table Rack helps you hold patients steady during treatments. Features the same high-quality round rod construction as our Flat Wet Rack.
Fits all Suburban Surgical Wet Tables.
Options:48" Wide (121.92cm)60" Wide (152.40cm)Extension for Faucet Area
Custom Made in the USA!
Lifetime Guarantee: Suburban Surgical Stainless Steel products come with a lifetime guarantee.
Antimicrobial Composite Utility Cart with 3 Shelves
Composite Antimicrobial Cart Makes and excellent utility or exam cart or exam cart. The cart is made of antimicrobial infused composite shelving and aluminum corner tubing that offers superior stability and bacteria defense.
The composite cart comes with 3" casters for movement between exam rooms and features two brake casters. A raised protective edge on all shelves keeps items from sliding off the cart.
*Fits the SRV930 Table Top Small Animal Scale on the top shelf perfectly.  (Shown in second image)
Warranty: 4 Years
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Classic 6 Stainless Steel Wet Table
Classic 6 Stainless Steel Wet Table
Stainless Steel Wet Table features a 6 single-depth tub with knee space for greater sit-down comfort during procedures. The shallow depth makes this tub the easiest to clean; no bending to reach into a deep tub.
Sizes:48"W (121.92cm)60"W (152.40cm)
Custom Made in the USA!
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Electro-Son - Touchscreen Electrosurgery Unit
The  Electro-Son Touchscreen Electrosurgery Unit is a high quality machine that is user friendly, heavy duty, and made in the USA. It has 8 built in presets and offers both Monopolar and Bipolar high frequencies.

Intuitive Touch Screen
Operating Power:  ~ 140 watts nominal

Included: 1 monopolar autoclavable handpiece, 1 monopolar disposable handpiece, and 6 Electrosurge tips.
Made in the USA!
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Philips Millennium 10 LPM Oxygen Concentrator
The Millennium M10 is designed to be the highest performing and most reliable 10-liter oxygen machine available. It’s engineered to reduce the cost of providing oxygen for patients who need high levels of oxygen. Phillips Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator delivers medical grade oxygen up to 10 Liters Per Minute (LPM), providing an excellent oxygen therapy solution for patients who need higher oxygen flows than the 5 LPM supplied by most standard concentrators. Millennium M10 has fewer parts than most other oxygen concentrators and is built for reliability so that it is easy to use and easy to own.
Made in the USA!
Neptune Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmill
The Best and most advanced Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmill in the World. Designed by hydrotherapists for hydrotherapists.
The latest generation of Neptune hydrotherapy treadmills incorporate modern computer technology and advanced design features.​Neptune Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmills facilitate both basic and advanced hydrotherapy treatments, as well as other treatment protocols such as fitness, conditioning and general well-being, helping to improve your clients’ pet’s health and well-being. Pet therapy and rehabilitation is currently in high demand. Why not help your clients' pets by positioning your clinic within this revenue stream.

Distributed in: Humble, Texas USA & Sheffield, England
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ScanX Duo Dental X-Ray Scanner
Dual Slot Intra-Oral X-Ray ScannerThe ScanX Duo rapidly produces digital, diagnostic quality radiographs in all intra-oral dental sizes, 0 through 4, and even size 6. The dual plate scanning capability makes it exceptionally efficient during times of heavy workflow. The ScanX Duo is the only dual slot intra-oral scanner available in the Veterinary market that can provide a complete mouth-series images in minutes with less exposures than other modalities.
We offer low pricing for this Dental X-Ray Scanner!
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ScanVet Alta X-Ray Table
Digital Veterinary X-Ray for Companion AnimalsThe SkanVet Alta series is the most adaptable, customizable, feature-rich veterinary system on the market.
We offer low pricing for this x-ray machine!
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Elite Stainless Steel Floor-Standing Lift Table
Suburban Surgical Lift Tables raise and lower animals up to 300 lbs.(136.08kgs) and have the quickest lifting speeds available. Elite Lift Tables raise working surface from 7.250 in. to 40 in.(18.41cm to 101.60cm) via an electric motor-driven screw lifting mechanism. Adjustable flow control valves allow you to pre-select the lifting and lowering speed.
Elite models are offered with lateral or longitudinal exam tables fitted with or without an Regal 300 Electronic Scale. Options:Lateral Floor-StandingLateral Floor-Standing (+ 300I Digital Scale)Longitudinal Floor-StandingLongitudinal Floor-Standing (+ 300I Digital Scale)
Regal 300I Electronic Scale Option: Features a Regal 300I Electronic Platform Scale for weighing patients in pounds or kilograms up to 300 lbs. (136 kgs.).
Stainless Steel Utility Table (1 - 4 Drawers)
These Utility Tables feature built-in drawers to keep your instruments and treatment supplies clean, organized and easily accessible wherever you need them within your facility. Type 304 stainless steel construction offers long-lasting durability with easy care. Drawers are a full 4 in. (10.16cm) deep and feature a friction latch to stay closed while Table is being moved. Ball-bearing slides allow drawer to open fully, yet feature a positive stop to prevent drawers from being removed accidentally.
Made in the USA!