Respiratory Monitors

APM: Audio Patient Monitor
Replacing the traditional stethoscope, the APM uses a sensitive microphone that transmits the animal’s heartbeat and respiration sounds using an esophageal stethoscope tube or chest piece cup. The amplified cardiovascular sounds are heard through a speaker and indicated visually through a flashing red light.
This item is Extremely popular because of the simplicity and the unique respiratory and heartbeat SOUND it produces. The entire team can feel secure & confident while in surgery hearing the APM's sound monitor your patient.

Microphone unit
Esophageal stethoscopes (12F, 18F, and 24F)
4 C Batteries
Protective case

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
Made in the USA!
Engler Veterinary Respiratory Monitor
Engler Engineering is proud to introduce our newest handheld veterinary respiratory monitor, the EVRM!The E.V.R.M. is a microprocessor controlled respiratory monitor designed specifically for veterinary applications. The E.V.R.M. is compact, lightweight, and very easy to use.
Made in the USA
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Microphone Unit for APM: Audio Patient Monitor
When connected to the APM, this ultra-sensitive microphone unit detects respiration and pulse sounds from an esophageal stethoscope tube or chest piece cup.
The microphone unit is an extremely sensitive to pick up the smallest pulse sounds. Consequently, to prolong its life, handle the microphone unit carefully. DO NOT DROP, SHOCK & AVOID LIQUID.
Made in the USA!
Esophageal Stethoscope Tube
Esophageal Stethoscope Tubes developed by the leader of auscultation with distinct features that ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability in enhanced sound reproduction.   Electronically designed to maximize the transmission of acoustic performance of heart and breath sounds. Latex free tubing, ensures ease of intubations for optimum patient comfort. Available in four sizes (9F, 12F, 18F, 24F) and a set of three.
Fits the APM: Audio Patient Monitor
Available Options:9F x 16″ Length12F x 18″ Length18F x 18″ Length24F x 18″ Length30F x 28″ Length30F x 48″ Length9.5mm O.D. X 182cm Length - Large Canine12.5mm O.D. X 152cm Length - Large Animals12.5mm O.D. X 182cm Length - Large Animals16mm O.D. X 182cm Length - (Equine, etc.)Set of 3: 12F ,18F 24F
Made in the USA!
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