Diagnostic Lab Equipment Super Bundle - VETMAX®
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Diagnostic Lab Equipment Super Bundle

Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Equipment Super Bundle

The Veterinary Lab Bundle Includes everything you need to get started:

3 Quality Analyzers:
Micro-Cell Hematology
Micro-Chem II Chemistry system
Micro-Cube immunoassay system

Training & Installation
Start-up reagent sets
Software integration

Here is an affordable Solution to help you avoid the trap of indentured servitude and ditch those expensive contracts with inferior equipment. 


$29,750.00 Tax excluded

$51,594.00- $21,844.00

Quality Products
Lowest Prices
Great Customer Service
Reliable Delivery
Secure Shopping

Our super veterinary lab bundle provides you a full suite of premium modern equipment that includes Hematology, Chemistry, Coagulation and Immunoassays ALL for half the retail price! Our equipment is superior to what you get when you sign a contract. No Long term contracts to sign, no minimum volume requirements, plus the lowest test pricing on the market.

You are paying so much more and locked into a contract for supposedly free equipment. It's way cheaper to purchase your equipment up front and own it rather than pay double or triple for your supplies over 4 - 6 years. It's time to break free.

With the Lab Bundle, you will have a complete test menu (See second image for all tests). Ask about enhancements to the Lab Pack such as in clinic Microbiology and a host of rapid assays to complete your full suite of in-Clinic diagnostics.

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