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Stainless Steel Regal Intensive Care Unit

Stainless Steel Regal Intensive Care Unit has been uniquely engineered to provide a temperature and oxygen controlled environment to care for your most seriously ill patients. This versatile unit can accommodate one large animal or provide an intensive care environment for two smaller patients simultaneously.

The unit is made of durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel, unaffected by moisture or temperature.


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  • Controlled Environment
  • Temperature Controlled Air Flow
  • Filtered Re-circulated Oxygen Supply
  • Built in Heating/Cooling systems.

The unit controls temperature in two ways: by controlling air temperature and by warming the floor with two separate floor heaters. Continually recirculating air flow can be electrically warmed if necessary, or cooled and humidity-controlled with the built-in refrigeration condensing unit. Electric floor heaters have individual thermostats to help maintain the patient’s body temperature during recovery from surgery or other treatments. To ensure your patients are comfortable, a built-in thermometer/hygrometer monitors the temperature and humidity inside the unit. A display window on the control panel lets you check the temperature and humidity quickly and easily.

To control air levels, filtered air or oxygen-enriched air from a pressure-regulated oxygen supply can be recirculated throughout the compartment as often as every 30 seconds. The oxygen concentration level and flow volume are accurately controlled, continuously monitored and displayed on the control panel. An audible alarm alerts you when oxygen levels fall below the level you have set. Carbon dioxide is removed when circulating air passes through a soda-lime filter, and a filter monitoring window on the front panel allows you to see when filter needs to be changed.

This rugged Intensive Care Unit is made of durable, easy-to-sanitize stainless steel that is unaffected by moisture, high humidity or temperature. Unit features clear, polycarbonate compartment doors to give you an unobstructed view of your patients. Double-door compartment has outer door latches to eliminate a center door post for easy access to the animals inside. A full rubber gasket on the doors provides a complete, leakproof seal. Add the wire grill or clear acrylic divider to create two smaller compartments. Two patients may be treated simultaneously with the wire grill divider in place. Optional IV access ports allow you to change the IV supply without opening the compartment or disturbing the patient.

Additional Features:

  • Built in floor heaters provide even, steady heat to help maintain the patients body temperature.
  • Access Ports: Convenient Access Ports (Optional) can be used for IV lines or electronic monitoring equipment.
  • Thermometer/hygrometer continuously measures the temperature and humidity inside the unit.
  • Oxygen meter monitors oxygen concentration.
  • Alarm sounds when oxygen falls below your desired concentration.
  • Oxygen flowmeter regulates the flow of oxygen delivery.
  • Plastic coated cage floors are included for patient comfort.
  • Removable wire grill and clear acrylic panel (included) slide into read channel to create two compartments.
  • Monitoring window lets you visually check when the carbon dioxide filter needs to be changed.

Additional Accessories: (See accessories below under: You might also like)

This item has additional accessories that are offered in a mobile or stationary stand. You can opt for a mobile Stainless Steel stand, with or without multiple cage configurations below the unit, or a laminated stationary stand with cabinets and drawers.

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