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The Scratch Shield ™

The humane way to inject an erratic cat in cage. Simply push the cat to the back of the cage, and then safely inject through any one of the many holes. Low cost solution to a very common problem.

  • VETMAX is the original inventor, designer, and tester of this product.
  • Manufactured by Dynax/Engler Engineering Corp.

Size and Pricing:

Small (15" X 15") = $155.00
Medium (21" X 21") = $195.00

Made in the USA!

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$155.00 Tax excluded

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Protects the veterinarian and technician from the fractious cat, dog, avian and exotic patient by immobilizing the animal against the back of the cage prior to injection.

The quickest and most humane means of controlling and sedating the patient safely while protecting you and the animal from unnecessary injury. The injection is made through the holes in the shield.

Cage cleaning and feeding is easier and safer with the unpredictable patient.

Fits: Shoreline ®, Suburban ®, and most standard cages (24” X 24” and 18” X 18”)

- Unbreakable Lexan ®

- 1 year warranty

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