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Suburban Surgical designs, engineers and manufactures quality veterinary equipment. They research the needs of the marketplace, design the best products to meet the needs, and then manufacture their products to exacting specifications to ensure they will provide excellent performance over the life of each item.

Regal Stainless Steel Cage
Regal Standard Stainless Steel Cages (Stand Alone or Modular). Build Your Own Custom Stack! 
Available Sizes:
18"W X 18"H X 28.25"D24"W X 18"H X 28.25"D18"W X 24"H X 28.25"D24"W X 24"H X 28.25"D30"W X 24"H X 28.25"D36"W X 24"H X 28.25"D24"W X 30"H X 28.25"D30"W X 30"H X 28.25"D36"W X 30"H X 28.25"D42"W X 30"H X 28.25"D48"W X 30"H X 28.25"D24"W X 36"H X 28.25"D30"W X 36"H X 28.25"D36"W X 36"H X 28.25"D42"W X 36"H X 28.25"D48"W X 36"H X 28.25"D
Made in the USA!
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