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Maxitherm® - Heavy Duty Reusable Vinyl Circulator Pads

Heavy duty reusable vinyl circulator pads. Low cost and durable. Best quality and most trusted circulator pad brand, period!

Use these pads with most other circulator brands. Each shipment comes with additional attachments, that retrofit this product for use, with the most popular circulators currently being sold!

Small (12" X 18"): $75.00
Medium (22" X 30"): $100.00
Large (24" X 60"): $125.00

Made in the USA!

We offer the lowest online price for this Circulator Pad!


$75.00 Tax excluded

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Heavy Duty Reusable Vinyl Circulator Pads

  • Safe Heat Therapy
  • Efficient Distribution of Heat
  • Durable / Heavy Duty Flexible Material
  • Cost Effective

The quick-couplings included on each Maxitherm allows for easy adaptation to the hose of the Gaymar T-Pump ® or Baxter-Hamilton K Module ® circulators.

Adapts to CSZ Micro-temp ®.

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