Sentinel V.R.M. - Respiratory Monitor
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Sentinel V.R.M. - Respiratory Monitor

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Sentinel V.R.M. (Veterinary Respiratory Monitor)

The two LED Displays provide constant data to the operator; one displays the time elapsed between each breath and the other displays the number of breaths taken by the patient during the last sixty seconds. The displays provide critical data to the operator. When the alarm sounds indicting that a breath has not been taken in a predetermined time, the number of breaths taken in the previous sixty seconds becomes an important factor in determining which resuscitation methods are required. This information is not available with ordinary monitors that just display elapsed time nor with simple audio amplifier devices which indicate when a patient is breathing but not when the patient ceases to breathe.

The Sentinel utilizes a unique precision exhale pressure sensor. The pressure sensor eliminates the problems associated with conventional thermistor type sensors. (The thermistor suffers a loss in sensitivity due to moisture buildup from the animals breath. This reduces the heat transfer to the sensor making the thermistor unusable in long procedures. The Sentinel's unique pressure sensing technology overcomes this problem).

Engler Engineering has been manufacturing the highest quality precision instruments since 1964. The Sentinel is backed by a one year warranty and Engler's dedication to customer satisfaction which is unmatched in the veterinary field.


  • Microprocessor technology
  • Unique exhale pressure sensor to register breathing
  • Audio tone for every breath.
  • Audio alarm when breath is is not detected in allocated time.
  • Alarm setting in one second intervals.
  • Sensitivity and audio alarm volume controls.
  • "Y" connector for easy hook-up to breathing circuit.
  • Integrated battery backup with A/C adaptor (120V/220V)
  • LED readouts for time elapsed between each breath and number of breaths per minute
  • Photoelectric cell for automatic resetting of the alarm cycle.
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