Mobile Platform Animal Scale
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Mobile Platform Animal Scale

Whether you are a mobile or stationary veterinary practice, SR Mobile Platform Scales offer a durable and reliable option. The SRV945, SRV947, and SRV949 are lightweight scales designed for mobile veterinarians and zoo keepers to obtain weights by taking the scale to the animal.

Constructed of high strength aluminum, the SRV94X Series is as durable as it is functional. The scale surface has an extremely durable polyurea coating that offers grip along with ease of cleaning.

Although lightweight, the SRV94x series still offers an impressive 400lb weight capacity. Optionally, the scale can be remotely operated using the SR Scales app on your phone or tablet, if you select a scale with the Bluetooth option (BT).


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Bluetooth module required for use with SR Scales’ App (must be factory installed - BT). Each scale comes Standard with a Built-In Readout.

SRV945 - 24" x 36" built in readout
SRV945-BT - 24" x 36" built in readout + Bluetooth Module Installed.
SRV947 - 24" x 48" built in readout
SRV947-BT - 24" x 48" built in readout + Bluetooth Module Installed.
SRV949 - 24" x 60" built in readout
SRV949-BT - 24" x 60" built in readout + Bluetooth Module Installed.

Warranty: 2 Year Limited


  • Max Weight: 400 lb / 182 kg
  • Display Resolution: .2 lb / .1 kg
  • Button Function: Zero/Weigh, lb/kg, Hold/Recall
  • Display Units: Pounds / Kilograms
  • Model Size & Weight SRV945: 24" x 36" / 27 Pounds
  • Model Size & Weight SRV947: 24" x 48" / 36 Pounds
  • Model Size & Weight SRV949: 24" x 60" / 45 Pounds
  • Hold: Freezes the weight on the display
  • Power: Six (6) AA Batteries
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