Incontinent Cot
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Incontinent Cot

The Incontinent Cot provides a solution for Incontinent patients. Just add to the cage and the patient will be elevated to prevent from lying in their own puddle. Also, makes cleaning much easier than without.

  • VETMAX is the original inventor, designer, and tester of this product.
  • Manufactured by Dynax/Engler Engineering Corp.

* Designed to fit the most common veterinary cage brands.

Size and Pricing:

Small: (21.5" X 26.25") = $193.50
Medium: (27.5" X 26.25") = $209.00
Large: (33.5" X 26.25") = $239.00

Made in the USA!

We offer the lowest online price for this product!

$193.50 (tax incl.) $193.50 (tax excl.)
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The Soft Rack Eliminates:

  • Hard, uncomfortable surface.
  • Loss of heat to s.s. cages.
  • Urine puddle.
  • Cleaning heavy racks.
  • Geriatrics.
  • Anesthesia recovery.
  • Critical care.
  • Wound management.
  • Groomers tub insert.
  • Radiolucent mesh.
  • Patient carrier.

*Patent Pending

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