We carry the best, most versatile cages you can buy. Made in the USA.

The beauty of the cages that we carry is that the arrangement possibilities are endless. If your needs or available space change, the arrangement can be added to or rearranged to fit the new requirements. You can even reverse the doors to open the other way if you find it would work better for your needs. When you add some of our finishing accessories, you’ll find that the Cages we carry are not only the best, but the most versatile you can buy.

There are many products not shown on our online catalog, we can custom fit almost any type of configuration you are looking for including custom pricing on a new office installation or existing cage configuration makeover.

Since cages are heavy and larger in size, shipping often requires specialized freight carriers. This means we need to get a custom shipping quote so you can get the lowest shipping price. You can either just call us for a shipping quote on multiple combinations, or you can just add items to the cart, then request a quote directly from the cart. We will then e-mail you with the quote as soon as possible with and easy instructions and a hyperlink directly to our store, making it easy for you to purchase.