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EZ-258 ReFresh Charcoal Filter Canister
Carbon Filled Anesthetic Waste Gas Canisters. (Case of 8 Filter Canisters)
Double The Life of your Waste Gas Canisters. Captures 2X The Waste Gas!Save Time & Money

ReFresh Canisters last twice as long
Captures more than 2x the amount of Isoflurane
Less waste and increased safety
Decrease in canister changeovers
Significant cost savings, up to 40% or more!
Only $11.50 per double sized canister!

Less waste, increased convenience and significant cost savings.
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Veterinary Gel Comfort Mat
Medical Grade Anti-Fatigue Veterinary Floor Mats
GelPro Medical Mats are the absolute best comfort solution for veterinarians, technicians, university faculty, and research facility assistants who stand for long periods of time. GelPro Veterinary Anti-Fatigue Mats offer a 3/4” thick cushion of soothing relief and maximum support with an easy-to-clean polyurethane top surface.

Columbia Blue
DND (Do not Disturb) Red


45.72 cm x 60.96 cm
50.8 cm x 81.28 cm
50.8 cm x 121.92 cm

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

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