61110 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
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61110 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

The Bickford Model 61110 Table Top is designed to give the veterinarian all the features  of a stand model but in a compact and light weight design. Weighing only 13lbs the 61110 is Bickford's most mobile and versatile anesthesia machine.


With Isoflurane Vaporizer
With Sevoflurane Vaporizer

Warranty: 5 Years


$2,710.00 Tax excluded

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Design Features:

  • Equipped with Isoflurane or Sevoflurane Vapomatic™ Vaporizer
  • O2 flowmeter & D.I.S.S.male connection
  • Oxygen flush valve
  • CO2 absorber
  • PC-1 pop-off valve
  • Pressure manometer
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Accessories included with purchase: Adult & Pediatric Circuit, F/AIR Kit, 2 & 3 Liter Breathing Bag
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